Sunday, January 22, 2012

Presbyterian born and raise, Quaker Memorial is my home always. I was a member of that church for 23 years and, like Amy, I was there every Sunday. They are my family. Moving to Richmond and working night shift did not encourage me to find a new church. It wasn't until I was married (at Quaker) and had my son did the importance of church creep back into my mind. My husband was also raised in a church, Methodist but as he became a teenager grew away from his church. Being the over protective mother, I am uneasy with taking my son around to different churches to "find" what I liked. Leaving him with people I do not know would only make the experience painful. So I was delighted when Amy and I all of a sudden had a talk about finding a church. So many wonderful people we work with have a home church they love. So what a delight to go out with a friend in search of a home church. As you can see Amy and I had the same "list" of requirements. All kidding aside, I think we both are stuck in our home church and are afraid to venture to see what is out there.
Our first visit today was with a wonderful couple. I remember their wedding was one of the most moving I have ever attended. What an inspiration these 2 are and a breath of fresh air from the "norm". I have to say the same for their church. Commonwealth Chapel was nothing like the quiet Presbyterian service I am use to. Greeted by a full on band I was a little nervous, but what a delight. Like Amy, I did not know many of the songs, but found myself singing along. It was hard not to move to the music. Then came the moment that can usually make or break a church, the minister. Brandon Samuel stepped on stage and delivered a fun and entertaining sermon. #1 on my list for a church, capture my attention and make the sermon something I can relate to, boy did he deliver. Before I knew it the 1 1/2 service was over and I could not believe it.
I am looking forward to testing the waters at the many different churches we have lined up this year. I hope we can fit them all in! :)

Until next time, Laura

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